How to collect BCard Points?

How to collect BCard Points?

How to collect BCard Points at Avenue86

You will get 1 BPoint for every 5 Ringgit Malaysia you spent, available for MOLPay payment method only*.

Step-By-Step Guide to Collect BCard Points via MOLPay

SELECT "MOLPay Online Payment" as your payment method to pay.
Applicable for all payment in MYR channels via MOLPay (except Direct Maybank2u, PayPal and MOLPayCash 7-11)

Upon payment successful, enter your BCard Number at this page and click "Earn Points". If you don't have a BCard, you can sign up here.

If missed to enter BCard Number at payment successful page, you may look for your payment receipt in your email.
Scroll to the bottom until you see the information as shown below. Click the link and you will be directed to the "MOLPay Earn Points" page.

FAQ for BCard

How do I earn BPoints from MOLPay?
Simply enter your BCARD number at the payment confirmation page and click "€œEarn Points"€.

How can I earn BPoints for MOLPay payment if I am not a BCARD member?
Simply click "Sign Up for BCARD" at the payment confirmation page and a free BCARD will be delivered to you. Your BPoints will be awarded 45 days after the date of your purchase.

Can I still collect BCARD points if I don't have the BCARD number with me during my online purchase?
Yes. You can get a link in your payment notification email to provide your BCard number to earn points within one week time after the purchase date.

Do I have to pay for a BCARD membership?
No. there is NO membership fee for BCARD as BCARD is free for life.

Is BCARD membership open to non-Malaysians? And what is the minimum age to participate?
Membership is open to any individuals. Malaysian residents or non-residents of the age of 18 and above are welcomed to join.

How many BPoints can I earn from a MOLPay purchase?
For all payment in MYR channels via MOLPay (except Direct Maybank2u and PayPal), you will get 1 BPoint for every 5 Ringgit Malaysia you spent.

Will I get my BPoints immediately after making a purchase?
No. Your BPoints will be credited into your BCARD account no later than 45 days after the date of purchase if no cancellation or refund takes place.

Can I exchange my BPoints for cash?
No. Points can only be used for redemption purposes. You may use BPoints to pay's order.

Where can I redeem my BPoints?
You may use BPoints to pay's order. How to pay by BCard Points, refer here.

Is there any expiry date to my BCARD points?
Yes. Your points will be expired 36 months after issuance, on a first in first out basis.

Can I keep track of my BPoints expiry?
Yes. Log in to BCARD's website at to track your BPoints expiry or contact BCARD call centre at 03-2119 2999.

How can I contact BCARD?
You can contact BCARD call centre at 03-2119 2999 OR Email to

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