What To Ask When Cosmetic Shopping

Some cosmetic products are hard to choose as you walk in the counter. They would probably ask you a line of questions that seem annoying. Almost all brands have at least 2 types of foundations, mascaras, etc. before you decide which one to buy, ask these few questions to the counter.

On shopping your foundation
How do you want your skin to look and what coverage you like?

some foundations are designed to have that heavy feel on your skin so it can provide full coverage. While foundation like BB cream offers tinted moisturizer that feels light and natural. However, light foundation doesn’t cover your dark circle fully like the heavy ones. If you want to have a matte finish or glowy one, inform the staff and let them find the right product for you.

The next thing to ask is which product offers moisturizer for oily or acne-prone skin. when your skin is oily, you can’t just pick any foundation because it may cause patches. It’s obvious that everyone wants a perfect skin so you may want to combine a few products like concealer, highlighter and foundation. Also make sure that you ask about the ingredients because some products can cause irritation, too. check the ingredients sensitivity.

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When shopping on eye shadow
Ask yourself if you prefer a certain kind of style like smokey, bright or dark shades. Share the idea with the retail artist so they can advise you to certain theme or colors. There are two types of finish, shimmer or matte. If you want a shimmer finish, pick powder or glitter eye shadows. On the other hand, if you prefer matte, choose creamy or stick eye shadow instead. Ask if they can help you applying the eye shadow if this is the first cosmetic shopping experience for you. the most important thing is be confident with the shades you choose.

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When shopping on lipstick and blusher
Lipstick is more of a personal preference because some prefer bold while the others prefer nude. Try on some of the colors as you go to the counter. Make sure that you test if it suits your preference. Once you try some items, narrow them down and use it on your cheeks or lips to be sure. There are 2 in 1 products that you can use for lipstick and also blusher.

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Hope this useful guide can arm you with the answers as you enter a cosmetic store. Happy shopping!

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