What Your Ear Shape Says About Your Personality

ear_shape_titleThe size of our ears could actually tell so much about our character. Although there are no evidences that prove that Physiognomy is true, studies show that it contains a little bit of “truth.”

Check out the photos below to see what your ears is saying about you.

1 ROUND SHAPEround_shapeYou love yourself and love to be in the limelight. You also love to be praised. You’re a likeable person because you are mostly good to everyone. As long as something is interesting to you, you are willing to challenge it.

2 SQUARE SHAPEsquare_shapeYou are conservative and responsible. You do things carefully and responsibly. You also like stability and value politeness.

3 DIAMOND SHAPEdiamond_shapeYou have the thoughts and actions that most people don’t think of. You are self-centered, moody and act based on how you feel at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard for your friends to understand.

4 CRESCENT SHAPEcrescent_shapeYou think it is important to consider other people views and ideas, so you less likely to advocate your own views. You are a good-natured person and also very honest, so people around you trust in you.

5 RECTANGULAR SHAPErectangular_shapeYou don’t like stupid or meaningless stuff. You will plan things ahead of you and strive for perfection. You don’t make promises you can’t keep.

6 REVERSE TRIANGULAR SHAPEreverse_trangularYour mind is very clear, very curious and love new things. You love to socialize and surrounded by a lot of friends. But you are clever to the point if your plan doesn’t go well, you will get angry.

7 TRIANGULAR SHAPEtriangular_shapeYou are a gentle and generous person. You are afraid of loneliness, that’s why you cherish your friends. If you encounter problems, you will act as circumstances dictate to solve the problem.

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