What The Shape Of Your Teeth Says About Your Personality

teeth_titleAs you know every person (who has their natural teeth) has different shape of the teeth. Usually they can be different, can have flares and breaks or any other difference. But as a whole every smile has its shape. And as it turns out that shape can say quite a lot about you.

If you are calm or energetic, shy or care free. Get out a mirror and check your own teeth and see if they can tell you anything about who you are!

1. Square Teethsquare Smile! Is that you? You can’t mistaken them for any other shape (if you of course know what a square is!). The same way that the shape of the square is kind of controlled and very obvious, the people that own those teeth usually can control themselves pretty much. The same applies about the control they hold over their emotions and feelings.

People with square teeth have mani other qualities though too. They are perfect for friends and even judges I guess, because they are very objective and always listen to all of the sides. You can feel good with those people, because they are very calm and exhoote peace. Also they are not messy, rather than collected.

2. Oval Teethoval Those teeth look like the shape of the mirror of the evil stepmother in Snow White, LOL. No, seriously the oval shape has this type of a look. Now smile, because that can easily be you! The oval shape of the teeth is quite different then the rest of them. The other shapes usually are a figure with angles, but this is not.

People with oval teeth are very artistic. And everything about them says it. No matter if it is the clothes, the hair, the accessories they like or even their personality. After you meet them you need 5 minutes to know about their artistic side. Other than that people with oval teeth tend to be more shy and quite. That is why they represent themselves through art.

3. Triangle Teethtriangle This is though to be the symbol of Illuminati. So, if you have triangle teeth, does that mean that you are one? I think we have a new conspiracy! Are you already wondering if that is you? If you believe in that (and many people are crazy about it) you can thing about that topic. Also you can see if the people you believe are Illuminati have the triangle teeth shape.

Other than that people with the shape of triangle in their smile are very loving. They will always show you how much they are about you. And all the time you need to feel appreciated and loved – they will be there for sure! They are the people who give hope and who will make you enjoy the life.

People with triangle teeth shape are also have fun, no matter the situation and they also keep in mind that the small things in life are the best things. They just have that special carefree look on life. They live for the moment. The world never stops with them. Being dynamic is very typical. Also you will see how much more optimistic about everything in life they are compared to the people around the world.

4. Rectangle Teethrectangle This is the last shape for teeth. Last, but not least. Here we see a lot of teeth you know, because of the shape. Sometimes you can confuse the rectangular shape for the triangle, because of the length, but don’t do that! Now look at yourself in the mirror. If you were not in any of the above categories you probably are here!

People with rectangular teeth shape are kind of my favorite. And I am not even talking about a particular person. It is just because they are so practical! They also come up with the best ideas in a way, that doesn’t compromise anything, yet again it it not over the top. It is probably because they are very oriented and know where to search for things and how to get whatever they want! That applies for both personal life and work! And as we are talking about work – those really know how to plan well! I guess your wedding planner must have had rectangular teeth shape. Because if not, I don’t know!

People with rectangular teeth shape are very sharp while they talk. And you notice that about them. They don’t waste your time. And they won’t let you waste theirs. Also they are strong willed. They never wonder about the decisions they make, because they know well enough what they want!

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